Support Local Businesses and WOW mom!

As we face a unique time in our lives, we decided to get a bit creative and try to help one another in this community. Our efforts are inspired by our need to social distance, supporting local business, and of course - providing a very special way to celebrate all that mom does!

Leilu is hosting this "pop-up shop" simply to provide a way for those in the community to find everything from gifts, to chocolates, to baked goods and activities to do with mom, to designer jewelery and gorgeous flower bouquets - all in one place.

All items are sold at their usual price - some even discounted - and all proceeds are going to the business you purchase from. (Leilu does not take profit from the collaborating businesses) We got together as fellow business owners, and new found friends - all facing the same struggles, aiming to ease your shopping a bit, and help bring a smile to mom's face!

So have fun checking out some gifts for mom! MANY gifts are best or must be pre-ordered. They can be picked up by themselves, or as an add-on to a meal from Leilu that day.

If you have any questions, please call Leilu at 631-944-3111 to complete your order, or call the individual business you are purchasing from to make the purchase, and Leilu will happily act as a pick up destination if that is easier for you!

Happy Mother's Day to all those hard working mamas out there - may our families stay safe and healthy!